meet the characters

Darren –
Five-year old Darren has an active imagination
which propels him into the exciting role of
tow truck driver, Captain Recovery.

Captain Recovery –
A figment of Darren’s imagination,
Captain Recovery is always eager to save
the day with his heavy-duty tow truck, Big Blue.

Kody –
Kody is a friendly shop dog who is
always ready to be a part of the action. He loves
to observe the scene from the cab of the truck.

Balto –
Balto the black lab is another shop
dog that prefers staying back at the shop office
during recoveries with Kaylee and Auntie Lisa.

Fire Chief Hoffy –
Fire Chief Hoffy helps out on the scene to
navigate the dangers of difficult tows.

Kaylee –
Darren’s sister who often joins
on towing adventures.

Auntie Lisa –
Auntie Lisa handles all the
office duties and lets everyone know when a
tow truck is needed.

Big Blue –
Big Blue is the shiny new heavy-duty tow truck
that Captain Recovery uses to complete recoveries.